We all love our beach and for generations our families and friends have too.  But what about the next generation and the ones after that?  

There is great value in our beach especially for developers who see golden opportunity.  We want to work with them and our county government in being a community that says yes to improving the quality of our landscape, but not at the expense of our heritage.  

By Amending our County Charter, we are helping our Citizens and our County Council by eliminating the burden of negotiating away our beach to special interests.  

By having this county wide vote requirement, developers will more likely forego this process and design their projects without requests to privatize our beach.  

For developers who disregard resident access and still demand a traffic free beach, Let Volusia Vote's proposed Amendment will both help politicians get the best deal possible for us and provide needed oversight for those who would trade it away for nothing. 

Under our Amendment any proposed beach privatization can be rejected by the residents at the polls.  A real WIN for everyone.

So where do you go from here?  

1) "Like" our Facebook page to get our campaign updates:   https://www.facebook.com/letvolusiavote

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3) Donate to the campaign to help with the cost of running this campaign.  Printing, advertising, legal, and more.  We need everyone to pitch in to make this happen.  

Send contributions to: Let Volusia Vote -  PO Box 265501 Daytona Beach, FL 32126  

*PLEASE make sure to include your occupation on any donation check. 

If you have not been to the beach in awhile here is a reminder of what we have to lose.

Your car on the beach is more than a parking lot and a towel.  It brings your chairs and umbrella, surfboard, kid’s bucket and shovel, fishing poles, coolers, and diaper bags too.  It brings a whole days worth of fun and comfort which cannot be reasonably carried across a lot, down the stairs, and even further down the beach away from the parking lot crowd to where you would have room for it all.

Your car on the beach is your safe space. It is a locker for valuables when in the surf, your refuge from the heat and storms.  It is your private dressing room, baby changing station, family security and even your quick escape if the need arises.


Your car on the beach defines your personal space.  It is the flag each family plants in the sand to stake out their temporary ocean front home. We have an unspoken community courtesy that each beach goer recognizes which cannot be replicated by throwing a towel on the sand.  The space around your cars is your personal space.  The space around your towel is a public space.

When you add it all together your car on the beach is your family's private beach bungalow. Nowhere else can residents and visitors alike enjoy such a unique privilege and it is far more valuable than a parking lot.  With politics sometimes for sale to the highest bidder, the day could come when residents will have only a few parking garages to squeeze into and our only amenity will be a towel on the sand.   If you do not use the beach today, it would be easy to under value the privilege we all have.  That is a costly mistake we cannot take back.     

Your car on the beach is your temporary oceanfront home, if only for the day, and that is what drives our effort.   To protect it we must assert our right to “Let Volusia Vote”.  Join us.

Why Protect Beach Driving?

Politics Change  - Community Values Do Not

With Beach driving every family can drive

the whole beach, pick their own spot, and

then also have their own personal space.