“The debate over beach driving has gone on long enough.  We need to take this decision out of the hands of 5 people.  I support a charter amendment to do just that.  The county council, representative of the people, should see this measure through.  If they will not, then they obviously do not represent the people on this issue."


Justin Kennedy,

New Smyrna Beach

Protect Beach Access

Take Responsibility

Politics Change  - Community Values Do Not

  • Protects beach from being sold to the highest bidder
  • Reduces incentive for out of state interests to bankroll bad politicians
  • Brings integrity back to political office
  • Ends waste of county resources spent trying to facilitate removing cars
  • Protects our beach for generations to come
Empower the Voters

Our Amendment to put beach driving into the voter's hands first ballot qualified.  Then the politicians filed suit against the first twelve signers in an effort to deny this vote to the people.  The issue is working its way through the district court appeals process now. 

Politics Change  - Community Values Do Not

Send Donations To:

Let Volusia Vote

PO Box 265501

Daytona Beach, FL 32126

Since 1985, when we as voters put control of our beach under Volusia County government, we have witnessed an increasing array of regulations and prohibitions on its use.  Privatizing portions of the beach for development was not what we intended.

L e t   V o l u s i a   V o t e

To Protect Beach Driving

Past actions of the County Council to privatize portions of beach for special interests have now put all other driving areas in danger.  To protect what is left  will require a change to our County Charter.  Send in petitions ASAP to secure our place on the ballot while there is beach driving left to save.

​"Our beach driving lets us have  access to the whole beach instead of just a couple parking lots. It allows locals and visitors to both have enough space for everyone to have their own space. You can't get that anywhere else and we have it right in our own back yard.  Lets protect it before they trade away our unique beach access for a parking lot where your beach day is just a towel on the sand."


Greg Gimbert,

Daytona Beach 

"The most important vote you can make is the one you are not yet allowed to make and that is the vote to protect driving on our beaches!" 

Eddie Colosimo - President Bikers For First Amendment Rights

The World’s Most Famous Beach is our heritage, not just a tourist slogan.  We have the only beach like it in the world and we need to keep it that way for generations to come. To ensure this, our county charter initiative would require a county wide vote to further restrict driving on the beach.